Why are Transactivists hostile to Radical Feminists?

As a natural born male, heterosexual Marxist who supports SpeakUp4WomenNZ I am no doubt called a TERF (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist) lover. TERF is the slur used by transactivists who promote trans-ideology to… Continue reading

Why Yellow Vests fused with Extinction Rebellion are the new Red

No-one can be ignorant of the rapid rise of these two movements. But few will recognise in their spontaneous eruption why they are the beginnings of a social revolution against capital. Yellow Vest’s… Continue reading

Judith Butler: How To Disappear Patriarchy In Three Easy Steps

Originally posted on Jane Clare Jones:
TRIGGER WARNING: Fucking Pissed Off So, as many of you are aware, the high-priestess of genderology decided to momentarily descend from her exalted academic plinth and relay…

Aotearoa 2018: year of the ‘waking’ left

Bomber on TDB is a bit premature calling victory for the cops and corporates excluded from next years Gay Pride Parade. https://thedailyblog.co.nz/2018/12/19/well-well-well-pure-temple-pride-parade-exclusionists-scrap-parade-wheres-action-station-now/ In fact all that will be missing from the Pride Parade… Continue reading

Do women exist?  – the science of sex, the politics of gender, and the materialist and dialectical thinking needed to distinguish the two

via Do women exist?  – the science of sex, the politics of gender, and the materialist and dialectical thinking needed to distinguish the two

Reclaiming Marx: Part 2. Marxism after Marx

For Marx, even the best theory, without the Party testing it in the class struggle, was worthless dogma. The fusing of theory and practice demands a program that is tested by the Communist… Continue reading

How to fight both US and China domination of Aotearoa

Its good to see Chris Trotter recognising that NZ has always been a colony of UK and is now a colony of both the US and China. That is the economic reality that… Continue reading

Better Red than Dead

  Capitalism is on its last legs and can only survive by making us, the vast majority of working people the world over, pay for it by giving up our livelihoods and our… Continue reading

Stopping Hothouse Earth

Trump Lost in Space The absurdity of Donald Trump calling for a new Military Space Command to make America Great Again, geographically expands the horizons of climate change denial. Not because space may… Continue reading

Rethinking Rethinking economics

Originally posted on Michael Roberts Blog:
Can economics ever become ‘pluralist’?  Namely, will the universities and research institutes in the major capitalist economies expand their teaching and ideas to cover not just mainstream…

Two Posts on the US Nazi-Right

August the Month of Terror Last August saw the now infamous Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville serve to publicly demonstrate in no uncertain terms what the nazi-right has in mind when they… Continue reading

The Helsinki Deal and the American Empire

There is a lot of confusion about Trump’s behavior in Helsinki. Is he crazy, a traitor, or dupe of Putin? Nah. It’s not that hard. It’s still about the Great Game for Eurasia.… Continue reading

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