From the Coronavirus to the Commune: how to rescue humanity from destruction

  The response to the coronavirus pandemic cannot be read in isolation of capitalism in terminal decline. In a sentence it is another example of nature biting back against its destruction at the… Continue reading

Ihumātao: from Colony to Commune

  Hikoi in support of the land occupation at Ihumātao, Auckland, Aotearoa/NZ Ihumātao began as Māori land used for gardening. After British colonisation in the 1840s it also supplied the settlers in Auckland.… Continue reading

Communist Memes and Storming Heaven

Mike Treen writing on The Daily Blog asks the question “Reform or Revolution in the 2020’s” accompanied by a graphic of Marx (above) complaining that Communist memes are not “funny” if people don’t understand… Continue reading

Is the “World in Crisis” terminal?  

In a new book “World in Crisis”, the main contributors Guglielmo Carchedi and Michael Roberts argue for the classic Marxist account of the crisis of the capitalist global economy against its “neo-Marxist, Keynesian,… Continue reading

Where is Britain going?

After 9 years of bitter austerity, how did the Tories turn an entitled, lying clownish toff like Johnson into such a winner, and an avowed parliamentary socialist like Corbyn into a weak chump?… Continue reading

Revolutionizing the Banks

Chris Trotter writes that the Reserve Bank Governor Adrian Orr could be a ‘revolutionary’ by forcing the Aussie banks to hold more funds to cover liabilities in a crisis such as that of the… Continue reading

ISO backs trans cult

“As socialists, we believe that gendered oppression is generated by the workings of the capitalist system, and is not a product of biology or an eternal feature of human society. We believe that… Continue reading

Greens and Transactivism

The recent censorship by the Green Party in NZ of an article by Jill Abigail in its magazine asking for a reasoned debate on gender ID was taken down and followed by an… Continue reading

Climate Crisis: From Capital to Commune

While most capitalists still deny that climate change is anything to do with them, increasingly the world is now facing up to the truth of climate change. Yet most don’t understand the cause… Continue reading

The Radical Notion That Women Are People

Originally posted on Jane Clare Jones:
So, after a summer recess of trying to forget that the world is manifoldly going to hell in a handcart, this week’s exciting ‘Back to Twitter’ experience…

Is Greta Thunberg a sock puppet for green capitalism?

  Extinction Rebellion (XR) represents a new movement against climate change that promises to become a revolutionary force for change. Why is the most inspiring leader of XR, Greta Thunberg, now subject to… Continue reading

A Dialogue Between a Trans Woman and a Feminist Who Isn’t Just A Figment of The Trans Woman’s Mind

via A Dialogue Between a Trans Woman and a Feminist Who Isn’t Just A Figment of The Trans Woman’s Mind

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