Transfascism and the ‘Left’

The so-called left is deeply divided over trans ideology. Some are mystified by this ‘regression’. Some take the side of identity politics, others oppose it on the basis of class. But few have… Continue reading

Get Ready for End Stage Capitalism

Hope Super Saturday went well and Aotearoa gets 90% of the  ‘eligible’ vaxed by Xmas. I missed it doing other things. I asked myself how could we go from a desperate but successful… Continue reading

AUKUS on the warpath against China! No to imperialist wars! For world socialism!

The arrival of AUKUS, the recent military alliance between the US, UK and Australia, is another fateful step towards World War 3. Why? Both previous World Wars resulted from the economic rivalry of… Continue reading

Sex Self ID on the Wrong Side of History

Submission on the Supplementary Order Paper 59 of the BDMRR Bill Sex self ID as proposed in this law change, allowing individuals to legally ‘identify’ as the opposite sex, is an attack on… Continue reading

Covid deniers circling the wagons against the elimination strategy

Damian Grant writing in Stuff confirms his skepticism with bad logic. His claim of the “inevitable failure of these methods” of elimination of Covid currently in place in Aotearoa/NZ is not established. Failure… Continue reading

Pride before the Fall

Pride before the Fall Pride that once stood for defending the rights of gay people, has been queered into reactionary homophobic and sexist politics in the pay of the patriarchy. It is now… Continue reading

Shock Horror: Labour goes socialist under cover of Covid

In a recent NZ Herald article (behind a paywall) ‘Labour takes revolutionary road towards state control’, Fran O’Sullivan claims that the Labour Government is reverting to state control of the economy behind the… Continue reading

Down with Liberal-Labour Party Sellout of Workers!

Neo-liberalism is naked capitalism. Liberal labourism is the ‘kinder’ more ‘progressive’ clothing draped over that nakedness. The Labour Party has always dressed up in pale pink overalls to disguise the ruling class suits… Continue reading

Stop escalating war drive between China and US!

The reviving of Trump’s ‘China Virus’ scare by Biden with no conclusive evidence is a political ruse to escalate the cold war with ‘communist’ China. ‘China Virus’ is cold war 2.0 code for… Continue reading

International Workers’ Action to Blockade the Zionist State!

Israel is a Zionist settler state colonised by military conquest. It is not a Jewish state. Most Jews around the world do not recognise it as their state. Jews as a minority oppressed… Continue reading

May 1st! International Workers Day!

We say that for workers to live, capitalism must die! To End Capital’s Terminal Crisis We Must Solve the Crisis of Revolutionary Leadership! This international workers day, revolutionary workers have to confront the… Continue reading

Marx vs Keynes: What’s the matter with ‘peak’ idealism?

The NZ Labour Party hanging onto the coat-tails of dying capitalism will end up in the same graveyard of “progressive hopes”. Fortunately, before that happens workers will reach ‘peak’ idealism and awaken to… Continue reading

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