Trans fascism

It was obvious that the occupation of the Band Rotunda at Albert Park, Auckland yesterday, was inevitable. The trans rights movement, and its allies in the state, unions and media, had been winding… Continue reading

Women and the birth of humanity

Girl’s menarcheal ritual — here among the Kua (G/wi or //Gana), photo Valiente-Noailles A recent twitter thread welcomes an important new article whose findings support the ‘Blood Relations’ theory of the origin of… Continue reading

Queering the Census

The 2023 Census is an attempt to cover up and legitimize the queering of sex. By queering we mean making something appear as its opposite, that is the inversion of reality, essence as… Continue reading

Aotearoa: let’s decolonize our rip, shit and bust capitalism

The 2-hundred-year ‘weather event’ of Cyclone Gabrielle was a momentary deluge compared with NZs 200 years of colonisation.  Let’s get things in perspective. There is nothing natural about either, but colonisation frames the… Continue reading

Surviving Extinction in a Socialist Aotearoa

Māori protesters on Waitangi Day, 6th February 2006 (Credit: Charlie Brewer) COP 27, the official annual forum of capitalist states which represents the interests of the capitalist ruling classes to continue destroying the… Continue reading

Aotearoa: Stagflation & End Stage Capitalism

Stagflation is the necessary consequence of the failure of capitalism to invest in the production of value. This leaves surplus money capital in circulation which engages in speculation for existing assets driving up… Continue reading

The End of Capitalism, Māori Self Determination, and the future Socialist Republic of Aotearoa!

NZ was colonised by the British Empire in the mid-19th century. It remains a semi-colony since it has never had a war of independence to break from imperialism. Under a Treaty that promised… Continue reading

Aotearoa: Mobilise against Fascism!

The documentary Fire and Fury about the February, 2022, occupation of parliamentary grounds, largely confirms the position we took at the time. The leadership was made up of a small group of influential… Continue reading

Purity Spirals, Political Alliances, and Movement Building

Originally posted on Jane Clare Jones:
I know I said I was going for a while, and I will be going for a while, but I said that before the news broke from…

Inflation – a symptom of capitalist crisis

Despite getting nearly a $1 trillion boost to its wealth since 2020, NZ business is benefitting from the release of suppressed Covid consumption by raising prices. Lack of competition in most sectors leads… Continue reading

Where is Aotearoa/NZ Going?

If we believe the leader of the opposition, Aotearoa/NZ is going “backwards”. Certainly as a neo-colony of China and the USA, Aotearoa is going backwards so long as it remains subservient to the… Continue reading

Ukrainian Marxists call for a New Zimmerwald

This statement from Ukraine Marxists captures the reality that the war in Ukraine is a continuation of the counter-revolution against the Bolshevik revolution which began in 1918 with the warring imperialists halting their… Continue reading

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