Purity Spirals, Political Alliances, and Movement Building

Originally posted on Jane Clare Jones:
I know I said I was going for a while, and I will be going for a while, but I said that before the news broke from…

Inflation – a symptom of capitalist crisis

Despite getting nearly a $1 trillion boost to its wealth since 2020, NZ business is benefitting from the release of suppressed Covid consumption by raising prices. Lack of competition in most sectors leads… Continue reading

Where is Aotearoa/NZ Going?

If we believe the leader of the opposition, Aotearoa/NZ is going “backwards”. Certainly as a neo-colony of China and the USA, Aotearoa is going backwards so long as it remains subservient to the… Continue reading

Ukrainian Marxists call for a New Zimmerwald

This statement from Ukraine Marxists captures the reality that the war in Ukraine is a continuation of the counter-revolution against the Bolshevik revolution which began in 1918 with the warring imperialists halting their… Continue reading

The Dawn of Humanity

Chris Knight in his review of David Graeber and David Wengrow’s The Dawn of Everything says the book is not about the ‘dawn’ of humanity but its ‘tea time’ around 30,000 years ago.… Continue reading

How workers are used as fascist fodder to create a fascist state to smash socialist revolution

So far there are a range of opinions on The Daily Blog about the Convoy occupation of Parliament Grounds. Chris Trotter calls for the police to remove the protestors. John Minto sees this… Continue reading

1492-2022 The Rise and Fall of the Capitalocene

Year 2022 is year 3 of Sars CoV 2,  and year 270 of Climate change dating from 1750. But the year we should be paying attention to is year 530 of the Capitalocene,… Continue reading

The Future is the Commune

Dying capitalism is beset by contradictions. The dull compulsion of the hidden hand is not working. It is left naked and exposed. The increasing anarchy of the market in the age of imperialism… Continue reading

Transfascism and the ‘Left’

The so-called left is deeply divided over trans ideology. Some are mystified by this ‘regression’. Some take the side of identity politics, others oppose it on the basis of class. But few have… Continue reading

Get Ready for End Stage Capitalism

Hope Super Saturday went well and Aotearoa gets 90% of the  ‘eligible’ vaxed by Xmas. I missed it doing other things. I asked myself how could we go from a desperate but successful… Continue reading

AUKUS on the warpath against China! No to imperialist wars! For world socialism!

The arrival of AUKUS, the recent military alliance between the US, UK and Australia, is another fateful step towards World War 3. Why? Both previous World Wars resulted from the economic rivalry of… Continue reading

Sex Self ID on the Wrong Side of History

Submission on the Supplementary Order Paper 59 of the BDMRR Bill Sex self ID as proposed in this law change, allowing individuals to legally ‘identify’ as the opposite sex, is an attack on… Continue reading

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