March 8: International Women’s Day in the Time of Existential Crisis for Humanity

Women spark the Russian Revolution When 100,000 women textile workers went on strike in St Petersburg on March 8 (February 23rd Russian calendar) they sparked a general strike which led to the downfall… Continue reading

Aotearoa: Land of the Wrong White Rent Seekers. Part Two – Socialising Land, Labour and Capital

Socialising Land, Labour and Capital The struggle for land rights at Ihumātao reveals the ‘secret’ of capitalist society in Aotearoa much more dramatically than the case of Mr Peel on the Swan River… Continue reading

Aotearoa: Land of the Wrong White Rent Seekers

Bernard Hickey in Who is to Blame for the Housing Crisis puts the options open to a capitalist government in Aotearoa/NZ which would shift investment from speculation in property to productive sectors. He… Continue reading

Victory for Keira Bell!

     On December 1, Keira Bell, a young woman who had begun to transition to a transman before detransing back as a lesbian woman, made history by winning a major victory against the… Continue reading

A Stuffed History means a Stuffed Future

The recent apology by the Stuff media group for its history of reportage that had a strong racist bias against Maori, has won the praise of many as a major step towards a… Continue reading

DeGrowth and the Theatre of the Absurd

Last night I dreamed I had a nightmare. It was a Punch and Judy show on TVNZ. In one corner was Punch in the other Judy, except it was Judy who was punching… Continue reading

Mass killer of 51 Muslims gets Life in Jail

The sign of the alt-right – the OK symbol formed by thumb and index finger with the other fingers fanned into a K above the O – is inverted right there in the… Continue reading

Aotearoa: a Covid Election in a Dying World in the Age of Rotten Capitalism

Yes, this is a Covid election in a dying world. A pandemic caused by capitalism in its old age destroying habitats and forcing species to jump. Made worse by the economic collapse after… Continue reading

80 years since the assassination of Trotsky by a Stalinist agent in Mexico

Trotsky in 1905. Police mugshot as the chairman of the St. Petersburg Soviet It is 80 years since Trotsky was assassinated by a Stalinist agent in Mexico. Today our task is to rebuild… Continue reading

Revolutionary lessons from the Pandemic

Growth has to stop. The pandemic proved that mass lockdown and economic shutdown  was needed to stop it. It took a while for biological science to catch up with Covid 19 because it… Continue reading

Black Lives Matter, Capitalism, and European White Supremacy

  Racism as it erupted into global consciousness in recent days to confront a growing mass movement, is the surface manifestation of a much deeper problem – capitalism. There is no aspect of… Continue reading

Who is going to pay for the ‘recovery’?

  As stated in The Daily Blog repeatedly, the pandemic is not an isolated event, but a symptom of capitalism in its terminal crisis.  The virus was released as a result of centuries… Continue reading

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