Climate Crisis: From Capital to Commune

While most capitalists still deny that climate change is anything to do with them, increasingly the world is now facing up to the truth of climate change. Yet most don’t understand the cause… Continue reading

The Radical Notion That Women Are People

Originally posted on Jane Clare Jones:
So, after a summer recess of trying to forget that the world is manifoldly going to hell in a handcart, this week’s exciting ‘Back to Twitter’ experience…

Is Greta Thunberg a sock puppet for green capitalism?

  Extinction Rebellion (XR) represents a new movement against climate change that promises to become a revolutionary force for change. Why is the most inspiring leader of XR, Greta Thunberg, now subject to… Continue reading

A Dialogue Between a Trans Woman and a Feminist Who Isn’t Just A Figment of The Trans Woman’s Mind

via A Dialogue Between a Trans Woman and a Feminist Who Isn’t Just A Figment of The Trans Woman’s Mind

Capital gains are the opioid drip for dying capitalism

The debate about the CGT is in full flow but it’s mainly hot air that ignores where capital gains come from in the first place. The CGT was presented by Labour and the Greens… Continue reading

The Development of Capitalism in New Zealand: Towards a Marxist Analysis (1978)

By John Macrae and David Bedggood First published in Red Papers, 3, Summer 1978/79   1.0 Introduction In this paper we present the outline of a Marxist analysis of the development of capitalism… Continue reading

The Christchurch atrocity and the need for a class political response

Originally posted on A worker at large:
Today we mourn with our Muslim brothers and sisters all those killed and injured in the Christchurch terror attack, and send our solidarity and condolences to…

Fascists kill 50 Muslims in attack on two Mosques

Did NZ lose its innocence today? No, it lost it in 1991 when it followed the UN and US into the First Gulf War. About the same time Samuel Huntington published “The Clash… Continue reading

Why are Transactivists hostile to Radical Feminists?

As a natural born male, heterosexual Marxist who supports SpeakUp4WomenNZ I am no doubt called a TERF (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist) lover. TERF is the slur used by transactivists who promote trans-ideology to… Continue reading

Why Yellow Vests fused with Extinction Rebellion are the new Red

No-one can be ignorant of the rapid rise of these two movements. But few will recognise in their spontaneous eruption why they are the beginnings of a social revolution against capital. Yellow Vest’s… Continue reading

Judith Butler: How To Disappear Patriarchy In Three Easy Steps

Originally posted on Jane Clare Jones:
TRIGGER WARNING: Fucking Pissed Off So, as many of you are aware, the high-priestess of genderology decided to momentarily descend from her exalted academic plinth and relay…

Aotearoa 2018: year of the ‘waking’ left

Bomber on TDB is a bit premature calling victory for the cops and corporates excluded from next years Gay Pride Parade. In fact all that will be missing from the Pride Parade… Continue reading

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