Trans fascism

It was obvious that the occupation of the Band Rotunda at Albert Park, Auckland yesterday, was inevitable. The trans rights movement, and its allies in the state, unions and media, had been winding up the smear that Posy Parker was a fascist to justify such an attack. Yes, she definitely has kept company with ult-right figures, but for her all this was in the cause of defending women and children. The alt right has an interest in opposing trans because it wants to shore up the bastion of the patriarchy in family, church and state. But you don’t do that by inviting women to speak freely at mass rallies where fascists are not welcome.

Over the past century there has been a gradual weakening of the patriarchal family as the buttress of women’s oppression for 10,000 years. Today it can no longer contain the contradiction between women who represent nature against capital, which facing an existential crisis, needs a new improved version of the patriarchy in the 21st century. Not a restoration of the family, in fact the dissolution of such, but complete elimination of women’s resistance to the patriarchy by de-humanising them as the historic sex-class grounded in control over their bodies for human reproduction.

So the trans fascism we face today, is expressed in its invasion of women’ spaces and bodies. This was physically demonstrated by its violent occupation of the Band Rotunda in Auckland where 200 or so women had gathered to speak about the protection of women and children. This violent event proves the need for women and their male supporters, not to rely on police or pacifism, but to organise for their self-defence of their bodies as part of the historic fight to end patriarchal capitalism and build a new commune that rescues civilisation from extinction.