Greens and Transactivism

Madalen Berns

The recent censorship by the Green Party in NZ of an article by Jill Abigail in its magazine asking for a reasoned debate on gender ID was taken down and followed by an apology to the members for having printed it in the first place.

This sort of authoritarian censorship by a supposedly ‘leftist’ Party is just one instance of a the widespread censorship of free speech by Transactivists in the name of ‘inclusion’.  Why are the Greens censoring such a basic bourgeois right, supported by those on the left, right and centre in NZ? The explanation can only be that the Greens are and always have been a reformist organisation that does not want its peaceful and parliamentary politics of greening capitalism questioned by radicals on its left.

To legitimise its role in trapping left-moving people into the parliamentary dead-end, the Greens serve capitalism, promoting a reactionary fetishized sexuality of post-modern capitalism, using the bourgeois state to legislate for trans rights at the expense of the rights of biological women. Gender activists are part of a cult which rejects social determinism by class and sex-class and even biological science. They want to wipe out biological sex as determinant of ‘male’ and ‘female’ and replace it with self-identity.

How have transactivists been weaponised by the bourgeois state to attack women and divide workers? By legalising gender identity they get official state endorsement. They legitimise their delusion of self-determination and the cynical manipulation of children by medical, political and legal interests. 

This has led to a cultish industry to transition boys and girls before the age of puberty when in reality 80% or more of trans discover they were not ‘born in the wrong body’ after all, and many realise they are homosexuals who reacted to homophobia at great cost to their lives.

But why is this happening? Is this just naked capitalism profiting from commodifying sexuality in new ways for the benefit of the patriarchy? Yes, but it is the patriarchy in the service of keeping capitalism alive in all its horror and destruction.  

Capitalism facing its terminal crisis of a collapsing biosphere, looks for ways of dividing the working class along race and sex lines  that confuse, demoralise and undermine unity in the working class. It attacks homosexuals, women, and ethnic minorities to set them against one another. Since the global crash of 2008, it has encouraged Sex ID laws to allow men dressed as women to invade women’s spaces, sports and LGBT culture. 

It is not surprising that gender ideology claims to be ‘progressive’ or even ‘Marxist’ when it attacks radical feminists. This fake ‘left’ posture allows them to paint outspoken lesbian feminists  as reactionary transphobes and homophobes (for not having sex with transwomen), precisely because they are in the vanguard of the struggle for women’s and workers’ liberation. One of the worst instances of such attacks is the trans-athlete Rachel McKinnon’s social media celebration of the recent death from cancer of lesbian feminist Magdalen Berns.

Fortunately, the trans cult’s extreme misogynistic behaviour has blown its cover. The radical feminist fight against it is drawing increasing support from workers who understand the science of biological and social determinism, and take a necessary step towards ending capitalism and gender oppression to enable humanity’s re-union with nature.