Fascists kill 50 Muslims in attack on two Mosques

Did NZ lose its innocence today? No, it lost it in 1991 when it followed the UN and US into the First Gulf War. About the same time Samuel Huntington published “The Clash of Civilisations” warning of the threat of Islam to Western Civilisation. 30 years of Islamophobia and the neverending war on terror what do you get? Fascism defending Western capitalist “civilisation” from peaceful Muslims.

The bourgeois blinkered media commentary focuses on the ‘lone wolf’ theory to avoid confronting the reality of the rise of fascism reaching ‘downunder’. The spies weren’t doing their job, our friendly gun laws need a rebore, and give the cops guns. Lets all hold hands and pray to our diverse gods to keep the evil at bay. But white supremacists are fascists and there is no way the NZ state is going to stop them when global capitalism is destroying the world to defend its barbaric ‘civilisation’ from ‘radical Islam’.

Don’t expect the state even if ‘warned’ to act against white supremacists. The US surveillance state with its domestic war on terror screams Islamic terror yet 70% of mass killings are done by white supremacists. The cops enforce the white ‘civilisation’ that was imposed on the rest of the world for centuries, namely capitalism imperialist exploitation and oppression. Now that that system is on its last legs the defenders of that ‘civilisation’ are the fascists who blame the loss of white rule heritage on its historic victims and target those who advance the cause of the victims.

The Muslims they target are the victims of centuries of Western ‘white civilisation’. From the Crusades to the genocide of Syrian people in an 8 year war, it is the victims who are standing up and bringing their ‘justice’ back to the home countries. The NZ neo-colonial state is part of that story of conquest and oppression ‘downunder’. Its racist oppression is still rampant in Australia and NZ. So what is new? How is the Christchurch attack different from Parihaka?

Since the fascists are defending their mythology of white civilisation they will never be stopped by the modern version of the colonial bosses’ state. We have to stop them by smashing them before they seize power. What this means is no-platform for fascists, and smash them in the streets before they can organise a reactionary social movement to wipe out humanity. It is a warning siren to us all that the fascists struck in Christchurch on the same day as the global Students ‘fight for life’.