Two Posts on the US Nazi-Right

August the Month of Terror

Last August saw the now infamous Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville serve to publicly demonstrate in no uncertain terms what the nazi-right has in mind when they chant “Make America Great Again.” This year, the nazi-right have expanded their scope, planning to strike major cities on both coasts almost every weekend in August. As It’s Going Down reports, Portland will be targeted on the 4th, Berkeley on the 5th, DC on the 12th, and a general nationwide demonstration on the 18th. What happens on the 18th will greatly depend on what happens during the preceding weekends.


Prophesy from Portland

On August 4th, the nazi-right invaded Portland with the intention of killing and maiming all who might oppose them. Unluckily for them, the working-class turned out in much greater numbers. From what I can tell all the way from the east coast, the working-class outnumbered the nazi-right 10:1. It’s hard to go around smashing the heads of minorities when the working-class decides to band together and bash your head. Unfortunately for us, we’re talking about violence here. Between the camp of the nazi-right and the working-class, numbers more or less will be the deciding factor in any direct conflict, but those aren’t the only two camps involved in the struggle. The capitalist State has a monopoly on violence and gets to decide who will win any and all major street fights so long as an alternative does not begin threatening the capitalist State.

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