Douma: Robert Fisk will lie for Assad and Putin until the last Syrian child…

Douma gas attack

The fake anti-imperialists are trotting out their conspiracy theories about the Douma gas attack on 7 April. They parrot the claim of Robert Fisk that it wasn’t a gas attack but a lack of oxygen.

I wouldn’t believe anything Fisk says about Syria. His celebrated ‘journalism’ has been to parrot the Assad regimes line that he is against imperialism, and that the rebels are jihadis trained by the CIA for ‘regime change’.

This is a lie that repeats Assad’s justification for turning his military against peaceful, popular, democratic uprisings so that children and women became labelled as terrorists and tortured and killed.

Fisk’s latest lie is to provide an alibi for Assad by claiming that the gas attack on Douma was not gas but ‘oxygen starvation’ caused by dust and rubbish. He did the same to claim that Assad’s 2O13 gas attack was a rebel attack. And we don’t have to wait for the chemical warfare experts to tell us the truth.

The Islamophobia is not very deep here.

Islamophobes cannot credit that the Syrian people can fight their dictator because they must be the dupes of sectarian jihadis and ‘Islamic fascists’ (created by the US and its lackeys).

The irony is the Assad up to 2016 was losing his war on the people despite the fact they didnt have an airforce and didn’t even have effective SAMS against barrel bombs. Proving that the US support for regime change was a figment of the fake anti-imperialists and RT socialists.

Then imperialist Russia stepped in as did its client state Iran, so that the depleted ‘secular’ Syrian Army became made up of mainly sectarian foreign mercenaries. Yet far from being dominated by foreign jihadis, the rebel armies fought for basic democratic rights of freedom of speech and assembly which they then tried to practice as local democracy created in the occupied cities.

So the reversal of the popular uprising resulted from the imperialist intervention of Russia and hordes of sectarian mercenaries. Assad was saved by criminal genocidal bombing and use of chemical weapons against the popular revolution.

Over 500,000 dead and yet he cannot refrain from using chemical weapons to destroy all resistance. He gassed the only hold out town in East Ghouta, Douma, to force the rebels out.

All the imperialist powers including the US and Russia are the enemy of the Syrian people. They divided up and ruled over the Middle East after the defeat of the Ottoman empire and are now joined in Syria by Russia Today.

It’s time the ‘anti-imperialists’ who write off Syrian people to champion the ‘secular, socialist’ Assad started to fight their own imperialism at home. They may be surprised to find that they are supported by the Syrian people and attacked by the fascists who support Assad.

Only the popular revolution of the Arab peoples can rid the region of imperialism and their local lackeys from Netanyahu to Khomeini.

For a genuine left critique of Fisk’s role as an embedded Assad ‘journo’ read Idrees Ahmad’s article Robert Fisk’s Crimes Against Journalism from 2016, and Louis Proyect’s article Fisking Duma written one week after the gas attack.

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