RIP, SHIT, BUST: 29 Pike River miners find their Wealth in Heaven

The Runanga Miners Hall has emblazoned on its frontage 1908

The “World’s Wealth for the World’s Workers”. And below it

“United we Stand, Divided we Fall”; but that was a century ago.

Now it’s the bosses’ banner, “world’s wealth to the world’s wealthy”.

And the C21st global capitalist motto “Divided we Stand, United we Fall”

Today another missing headline 29 men incinerated for bosses’ profit.

Yeah suck it up West Coasters, if you hadn’t had your big disaster

every 20 or 30 years where would you be? Here not eternity.

Here, just another dull wet mined out wasteland with no fucking future.

Now son, you have made your future dream of the world’s wealth

for the world’s workers by making it into the heavenly market.

Pike River shares will rebound from disaster and become your futures.

Death maketh the man. RIP, SHIT, BUST, boys to men in one day.

PM Key says you have that special quality of learning to live with disaster.

Disaster is the price of freedom going forward. You are all heroes.

We make our choices and live by the market outcomes and state bailouts.

Would the worlds workers could aspire to heroism facing austerity together.

And as PM I’m saying we feel your loss because we can read balance sheets.

We have to cry together to prove that this is not a National Party Disaster

and that we are not all carpet bagging bosses putting a price on your life.