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Two Posts on the US Nazi-Right

August the Month of Terror Last August saw the now infamous Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville serve to publicly demonstrate in no uncertain terms what the nazi-right has in mind when they… Continue reading

The Helsinki Deal and the American Empire

There is a lot of confusion about Trump’s behavior in Helsinki. Is he crazy, a traitor, or dupe of Putin? Nah. It’s not that hard. It’s still about the Great Game for Eurasia.… Continue reading

How to Fight Fascism in Aotearoa/NZ

Fascism is back on the agenda with a vengeance. Not merely because two Canadian ‘alt-right’ activists want to spread their message in Aotearoa. Of course ‘alt-right’ is a euphemism for fascism. But when… Continue reading

Nurses: Sorry, Strikes are Off, Dear

Just when the Nurses have mobilized their ranks to stand firm on the demands that they have made to meet their urgent needs, The Daily Blog (TDB) is producing posts that attack them… Continue reading

Reclaiming Marx

Karl Marx at 200 returns to his home town Trier courtesy of imperialist China  1 “I am not a Marxist” A famous dead white man indulges us by coming back from the grave… Continue reading

Douma: Robert Fisk will lie for Assad and Putin until the last Syrian child…

The fake anti-imperialists are trotting out their conspiracy theories about the Douma gas attack on 7 April. They parrot the claim of Robert Fisk that it wasn’t a gas attack but a lack… Continue reading

What Thomas Piketty and Matthew Hooton (don’t) tell us about the NZ Labour Coalition Government

Thomas Piketty has discovered that all post-war elections in France, UK and US have been won by one of two political parties with a small margin of victory in all cases. He has… Continue reading

Busting the Cannabis Madness Myth

  The Green’s Bill on Medical Cannabis comes up for a vote to send it to Select Committee on 31st January. This will give us a relatively democratic forum to challenge the myths… Continue reading

Logan Paul & Suicide

Calling out the ‘maverick’ Logan Paul for his coverage of a Japanese suicide below Mt Fuji is hypocrisy. Yeah he is a self-promoter and he should have edited the jokey stuff off his… Continue reading

Regulating or Liberating Cannabis?

Decriminalize to ‘reduce harm’? The NZ Drug Foundation has published its Briefing Document on Drug reform for the incoming Parliament. The indications are that its approach is one that the Government might favour… Continue reading

Big Boys Noise or Open Class War?

The farce of selecting a new Speaker and the threats to use the Select Committees to shut down the Government show up what a sham parliament is as ‘representative democracy’. The NACT opposition… Continue reading

China’s Kiwi Invasion: It’s not the ‘Yellow Peril’ or the ‘Red Tide’ but China’s reborn imperialism

  Former Prime Minister John Key with visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping, 2014 This reactionary NACT regime has sold out to China like the parasitic ‘compradors’ – gentry dressed-down as jumped-up land agents… Continue reading

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